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Hello, Folks

Welcome to the TrickTutors – A Small Group of Motivated Bloggers. Who are passionate about Blogging and Sharing their Knowledge among Users who are hungry for their daily dose of information. They are not geeks but living an Internet life from years and Improving their graph of knowledge day by day. They have lots of experience and expertise in a different area of Internet.

As you are here So, it’s Important to know what kind of stuff you get while your stay with TrickTutors:

  1. Money Making From Home: We are going to help you to understand, how you can Earn money/Make money while sitting at home. In this Category, you will get to know the about different trick through which you can make money. It Could be from Online Jobs, Micro Tasks, Making your Website, Launching your Bussiness over the Internet.
  2. WordPress: It is not that easy to understand WordPress. It has a vast number of functionalities to explore. Here, In this category, we will discuss those features As well as we also tell you about the themes and plugins which will enhance your WordPress experience for sure. WordPress is not just a blogging platform it much more than that is what you get to know after this Category posts.
  3. Blogging: It is something that many bloggers does but what is the right way to start and what are the main key factors to become a successful blogger. In this Category, we will bring those hidden keys that are missing from your blog. We will discuss the things that will ensure success and make you a professional.
  4. Advertising: It is the field of Internet without which no business can Improve their Growth Rate. Adsense and Adwords are the Most used network for promoting websites, and their presence can be seen all over the Internet. So, this category will focus on the methods of advertising and networks used by people all over the world.
  5. Search Engine Optimization: Every Website Owner wants to see his site on the first page of search engine. Only possible way to do that is to learn and apply SEO techniques and for that, you have to keep you updated with latest SEO techniques. Thit category will provide you all the stuff that you need to know about SEO.
  6. Social Media: In today’s generation everyone is aware of social media platform. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are some very well know platforms, but their potential is not known to everyone. Social media is not just a platform to interact with friends and family is something more that this. The power of social media site and their true potential is what we discuss in this category.
  7. Technology: Use of technology is increasing day by day and what to use and what to not become the most asked question over the net. As you know Technology is something that has some advantage and on the other hand, has some disadvantages. We will help you choose the best among some of the most used items.
  8. Popular Sites: Their are thousand of millions of website over the internet. Even for a particular category, there are thousand of websites. This Category will help you to find one that best suits you.

As what we earlier said during our TrickTutors – The Welcome Post “This Blog Is not Limited to these categories only” because of that we can’t guarantee that there will be only 8 categories.

Rajan Chauhan