What is Customer Relation Manager (CRM)?

What is Customer Relation Manager (CRM)?

In virtually any business environment, one of the most important aspects is customer loyalty. These days, with many businesses making their appearances online. It is important to ensure that your business has a perfect relationship with your customers. This leads me to announce a reliable Customer Relation Manager (CRM) called Workbooks. Workbooks not only offers web-based Customer Relation Manager (CRM) tools but also applications to help your business. We can at least say that their tools are all useful. Web-based Customer Relation Manager is also called ECRM (E-CRM).

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Web Based Customer Relation Manager (CRM)

In the World Wide Web, getting website visitors is one of the hardest steps but making them want to visit a website is even harder. Workbooks provide lead management, allowing business owners to track where their website visitors came from, and what searches led to the website. It all assists in developing a successful targeted advertising campaign.

Online Marketing

An integral part of all businesses is keeping up with their clients, reminding them that the business is still active and can help them. This is why Workbooks Customer Relation Manager (CRM) comes with HTML Email Templates. An email newsletter is a good way to keep existing or even potential customers interested and aware of the business. It has a feature of HTML email templates take away the “boring” aspect from the emails.

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Of course, another key function of most business is making sales, and Workbooks Customer Relation Manager (CRM) has a solution for that too. Workbooks’ Sales Forecasting tool actually forecasts sales based on past sales, even providing “best-case” scenarios. Sales forecasting is very important, helping businesses to carefully and accurately prepare for the upcoming months.
Customer Relation Manager (CRM)
And of course, what would a Customer Relation Manager (CRM) suite be without its customer service? Presenting Cases, the Workbooks tools that allow businesses to keep up with the statuses of their customers. It can store names, contact information, and other more specific details, as well as tracking progress on customers’ orders. This is one of the most important parts of keeping customers loyal.

The items listed above are just a few of the outstanding tools provided by the Workbooks Customer Relation Manager (CRM) suite. In fact, their suite includes more than forty tools, each coming with their own extensive array of functions. So what are you waiting for? Go to their website and get your Customer Relation Manager (CRM) free trial today!

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