Top 9 Jobs That Earn Over $100,000 Annually

Jobs that earn in 6 digits annulaay

Find Jobs that earn over $100,000 annually without a lot of fuss.

Earn in 6 digits annually, check out the below article. If you’re looking for a job with a decent payout and a tension free atmosphere, PayScale found some options for you. The salaries listed below are the results of the survey that shows the percent of respondents who answered “my job is relaxing,” “not stressful” or “a little stressful” when asked if their job is stressful.

1). Reservoir Engineer

Reservoir engineers is an important job as it sounds like, but also earn decently. The job is to perform modeling studies in order to determine the value of exploration and potential production of oil fields. They estimate yields and analyze the economic risk of major projects. Petroleum Engineer earns around $130,000 annually, Petroleum engineers determine the most efficient ways to maximize extraction of fossil fuels. They may also design or develop new tools and processes for extracting fossil fuels.

2). Patent Attorney

A patent attorney is an attorney who has the specialized qualifications necessary for representing clients in obtaining patents and acting in all matters and procedures relating to patent law and practice, such as filing an opposition. Patent attorneys help protect intellectual property for organizations. They can earn over $146,000 annually.

It would awesome to learn about new technology and good to helping start-ups create a coherent intellectual property portfolio, which can include patents, trademarks, and copyrights, as well as trade secrets.

It does take time and energy to get here. In addition to school (getting a technical degree and a law degree), But after reaching the goal you will really glad to know where you are now is amazing.

3). Data Scientist, IT

The interest in big data has fueled demand for data scientists, who analyze and manage large caches of data. As the amount of data companies can mine continues to grow, there may be a growth in demand for people with these skills. Be ready to earn huge i.e. over $113,000 annually.

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4). Geophysicist

Geophysicists deal with the geography. They study and analyze the shape of the Earth and how plates, layers and other parts of the Earth move. They also study the atmosphere of the planet and physical phenomena such as gravity, fluid dynamics, magnetism, radioactivity, and electricity. If if you have any interest in this then you can earn over $105,000 annually.

5). User Experience Researcher

People in these positions design and analyze websites, stores and other experiences and how people use them. UX researchers identify areas that don’t “flow” and identify user goals and needs. They work with other departments to keep experiences efficient and effective for the visitors. Their work is to keep track of the user experience. They earn over $99,300 annually.

Earn Huge Annually

6). Principal Scientist

Principal scientists are the leaders of research teams. They manage scientists and perform annual performance reviews while overseeing the research and providing guidance when needed. They earn over $117,000 annually. This is not an easy task.

7). Actuary

Actuaries calculate the financial cost of risk. A background in statistics and mathematics is helpful for this job. Actuaries often work for insurance companies but may also be employed at organizations that want to keep tabs on their risk levels.They earn over $97,700 annually.

8). Principal Software Engineer

People who work as principal software engineers oversee research into new technologies and component design. They design, develop and test new software and oversee system integrations at organizations. They have different levels and they earn over $115,000 annually.

9). Senior Product Marketing Manager

This is an important position in any company. They handle the marketing department of the company. Every company requires senior product marketing manager. So, the vacancies are great. If you have talent, then you can do this job. They earn over $116,000 annually.


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Source: MonsterJobs

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