Get a Free Blog

Yes, I am telling you the truth. You will get a hosting, a .com domain and also a WordPress blog setup from us and it will be free.

The below process will guide you to get a free blog:

Step 1). Open your browser and clear cookies and cache.

Step 2). Click here to register for the iPgae hosting Solutions

Step 3). It will cost you around $25/year with a free domain (Yes, I know it is paid but please be patience until the end of the article).

Step 4). After the registration is successful, Now the question is “How it is free if you already invested $25 for a domain and hosting?” The answer is, you will get the cashback from us after 3 months of continuous using of your blog. To get the cashback, Click here and fill the claim form.

Step 5). You will have two options. The first option is to self-setup your blog, if you know then that’s fine by us. The second option is to let the experts handle it i.e. request for the complete blog setup for free. yup, we will not charge a single penny. You just have to mention it while filling the claim form.

Step 6). Enjoy your blog, whatever the way you want. After 3 months, you will get the amount you invested earlier.