How to get Google Adsense easily approved?

Get Google Adsense easily verified

Way to get Google Adsense account easily verified

Many times people ask me this question How to get Google Adsense approved in the first attempt? I am tired of explaining the steps and precautions. So, I decided to blog about it. Many of you are already applied for Google Adsense and many of you are already disapproved too. This happens because you take steps without knowing the precautions and steps to get verified Google Adsense easily.

There are many reasons of getting disapproved by Google Adsense. It does not matter that how much traffic you have or what is your rank or something like that. So if you want to get verified read the below points carefully. Do not stop reading at a half, It is important to read full Post carefully.

1). Custom Domain and Domain Age

The first thing you need is a custom domain that will make your blog look more professional. You should buy premium extensions [.com or .org] that are more SEO friendly. As we all know these extensions rank much higher in search Engine than any other free domain extensions. So, using these extensions with the appropriate domain name will move you one step higher in getting a Google Adsense Account easily. According to Google Adsense, Blogs from India and China must be 6 months old to get approved. So, If you fall into this category then, unfortunately, you have to wait.

You should also check:

2). Blog Design and Loading Speed

It is very importantly that your site should user-friendly design. Remember that, Google Adsense provide ads to the publisher through Google Adwords. Google Adwords is an ad network for advertisers. Google never want to decrease their advertiser’s interest in Adwords because of this The approval for Google Adsense is that much tough. Therefore, blog designs are very important for Google Adsense.

To design an user-friendly blog you should use WordPress and choose the responsive and good looking design and easy interface (easy to navigate design) for your users. Remember use clean navigation Menu. If your blog has an old fashioned look and it takes a lot of seconds to load then, forget about having a Google Adsense account approved. So, work on your Blog Design, make everything attractive including Header, Sidebar, Body, Footer and also don’t compromise on site loading speed. These little things will make big difference in the end.

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3). Minimum Post and Updated Content

In Google Adsense, there is nothing like Minimum Post Criteria. The only thing matter is the quality post. Many other bloggers say that you need the minimum 40-80 quality post to get Adsense verified but according to me, quantity does not matter the only thing matter is quality. Stop! Stop! Do not get too confident now. I Know, I said quantity does not matter, but it doesn’t mean that you can go and apply for it with only 2 Post. I recommend you to maintain minimum 15-20 quality Post to get easily verified.

When I applied for Google Adsense, I have only 9 posts but all of them were good in quality. Yes, I know that you ask me how at 9 Post? Actually even I don’t get it clearly. Please do not try my style, it could be mine luck. Keep updating/posting on your blog on the regular basis so that your Account will not disapprove or disable within a short span of time. Updating or regular posting is a very important rule for every blogger.

Google Adsense Quality matters

4). Quality Post and Required Pages

I already told you that quality matters. Google hate them who copy articles, so please make your article on your own, do not copy it. There is one more thing you should know: Important/Required Pages. According to Google Adsense Term of Service(TOS), you need this three pages at your web site to get verified. The first page is About Page, so that visitor will know about you and your blog. Second is Contact page, It is very important in term of Google and your visitors. The third page is Term of Service(TOS)/Privacy Policy Page, to let the user know about your term and own privacy at your blog. As you can see our pages at the top.

5). Google Analytics and Webmaster Account

Google Analytics and Webmaster account is the most important step not only for bloggers but for any type of website owners those who want to grow its web traffic. To get approve for Google Adsense easily you must have Google Analytics and Webmaster Account. Google Analytics help to analyze your website and Google Webmaster Account help to take recommended steps to grow your website

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6). Do not use Alternatives and Read TOS Carefully

Please do not use any other alternatives while applying for Adsense. It is not officially said by Google but it is important. If you are using any Adsense alternatives then remove it till you get the reply from Google Adsense. If your application rejected then don’t worry try again after correcting the errors given in reply mail. It is recommended to read Google Adsense Term of Service(TOS) carefully. According to this, your blog should not belongs to copyrighted content like movies and software, etc.

Hope it will help you. Have a nice day and keep blogging. Any problem or question please comment below.

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  1. Hey buddy, you have a nice blog there. If you not applied for Adsense yet then go for it now. Use the above steps on the post. If you have any problem regarding this then reply in the comments.

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