Search Engine Evaluator – How To Get Paid $12/Hour.

Search Engine Evaluator

Today, We will talk about a home based online job – Search Engine Evaluator. Nearly, Millions of people search Home Based Jobs through Search Engines and Mostly all of them finishes their search finding PTC sites which give no value to the people using them. So, To make the task easy for our users we are here with our latest post. In this post, we will tell you how you can earn easy money from home on the hourly basis.

You can make $ with this and you don’t have to go anywhere to apply for jobs. The job is totally home based and genuine means that there is no scam is involved in this job.

What is the matter here? Let me Explain some about Search Engine Evaluator job.

Search Engines which are used to search different web pages use very complex algorithms to determine what a user see. For example, if you search any known Singer or Actor on Google. It will likely to show thousands of results depending on criteria. Most probably it will show the Website of that person Firstly, then his facebook page, LinkedIn page, Twitter and facebook profile etc. But Search Engines not always gets it right and make mistakes also.

They are full of inaccuracy and needs real Human Beings to look them for results they are showing. Human Beings on basis of criteria like quality, Relevance, and Usefulness Improves the results of the search engines. They need human help to judge what a user from a specific country wants to see. Sometimes there are terms that are totally new for search engines. To understand what it really means a search engine needs an evaluator to look at the results it is showing and correct them asap.

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What is the hiring Process?

This Job is known as Search Engine Evaluator. First of all, You have to choose a network that is providing the search engine evaluator job. We will provide a list of Networks later. After choosing that network you have to search for the job for your country in which you lives. Apply for Job by filling all the required details on 6-7 Pages one by one and then submit it. After reviewing your application they will ask you to take short surveys and Test also known as Pre-Screen Assessment. After result declaration and Information Email is send to you if you are able to pass the test.

The thing you have to keep in your mind is that you work as an Independent Contractor, not as an Employee. Most Companies pays $12 to $15 per hour and Your current geographical location can greatly affect your pay per hour. The Job has its own advantages and disadvantages at their own place. Therefore, you like some things and dislike some.

What is Good About it?

  1. Work From Home – If it comes to work from home then Internet is full of Scams. You will find thousands of sites offering home based jobs and none of them is for real. It is your opportunity to get a Real Jobs that worth working with nice pay as well.
  2. Work When You Like – There is no fixed schedule you can work anytime from anywhere. Timings that suits you, choose your own working hours.
  3. You can work a little or a lot – Generally, In a Regular job there are some hours defined or a limit is set or provided to you to get Enrolled for next month. Also, You can work on your timings if you have 10 minutes of free time then you can log in, work and then log out.
  4.  Pay is Good Enough – The amount that a Search Engine Evaluator gets is better than any other legit online work. There is no need to pay any amount as Joining Fee.
  5. You Learn New things about World –  While Doing the job of search engine evaluation you can get the chance to explore new things around the world.

What is Bad About it?

  1. No job benefits – They hire you as an Independent Contractor, so they are not responsible for providing you typical job benefits like Health Insurance, Vacation and Pay, etc. There is no permanent job guarantee here.
  2. Pay Your Own Taxes – As you are working as an Independent Contractor. Hence, they are responsible for taxes. You have to pay your own taxes on frequent time. Typically, When you works for a conpany they pay you by deducting some amount in the form of TDS(Tax Deduction At Source). In this job there is no TDS Therefore, you are souly responsible for you tax payments.
  3.  You have to track your hours. If you don’t keep close track of the hours you work you won’t ge any pay for that. You’ll log in online, but this is just used by the company to check against the hours you submit on your monthly invoice.
  4.  Pay Per Month/Delayed Payments – Like other Online Jobs they do not pay you on weekly basis rather than you are paid on Monthly basis. When you submit your work Invoice it takes them weeks to analyze and pay you.
  5. Harmful For Eyes – Watching the Computer Screen for hours can cause severe damage to your Eyes and Hence, Protection of Eyes is important, taking some smart precaution to keep eyes healthy for a long time.
  6.  No Fixed Job and Work – Many times it is observed that there is no job available for you to do. Shortage of work is often recognized at a frequent interval of time.

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Where can you find these jobs on Internet?

There are Few companies that provide a regular spot for people to join as Search Engine Evaluator. Some of them also provide another type of Work From Home Jobs which you can also try.

Some people seems happy from these companies while some also complaints about them. People who able to join the networks seems happy and provides great review and share their experience over the time with these companies. Some who wasn’t able to qualify the test after training also complaints about them regarding the work they did and pay. Training sessions are provided with the condition that “You won’t paid for training”

Although, The Job is good and payment rate is also good but for that, you have to clear all the Pre-Assessment test, training and another test. Training Session usually requires 20 Hours of work of reading and learning the document and setting up the environment in which you have to work later. If you are able to clear all these obstacles then you won’t regret. Otherwise, it’s up to you how you sees their work as spam or legit.

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Please Comment below and share your experience about the job and Incidences you have to go through while joining the Networks.

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