Get Google Adsense easily verified

How to get Google Adsense easily approved?

January 22, 2017 Prashant Singh 2

Way to get Google Adsense account easily verified Many times people ask me this question How to get Google Adsense approved in the first attempt? I am tired of explaining the steps and precautions. So, I decided to blog about it. Many of you are already applied for Google Adsense and many of you are already disapproved too. This happens because you take steps without knowing the precautions and steps to get verified Google Adsense easily. There are many reasons of getting disapproved by Google Adsense. It does not matter that how much traffic you have or what is your Read More

Top 9 Banned Apps On Google Play Store

January 10, 2017 Piyush 0

Top 9 Banned Android Apps Not On The Play Store First of all, As we all know that the Play Store is full of many great Android apps. However, there are just some Android apps that Google can not accept. Removal of most of the apps is on account of being malicious and include Honeycomb, Just Fire, Cake Blast, Crazy Block, Drag Box, Tiny Puzzle, Jump Planet, Ninja Hook, Piggy Jump, Eat Bubble, Hit Planet, Cake Tower and Crazy Jelly. However, these are not the only apps that have been pulled from the Play Store. Due to various strict policies Read More

Top 10 Google Chrome magic extensions

January 5, 2017 Prashant Singh 0

Top 10 Google Chrome extensions As we all know that, Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers in the world. It is growing faster than almost anyone can even imagine. It has fast performance, a clear interface and easy sync with other devices which makes it popular. But a lot of peoples don’t know about the kinds of awesome things you can do with this awesome browser by its extension. Here are the bunch of Google Chrome extensions based on Trick Tutors┬áteam experience and review which will help you a lot in your regular works. 1. Grammarly This Read More